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+1 for sunbrella. I am acutally getting a new cover now for my 1994. I think it was the original sunbrella cover. It has shrunk a bit, and it starting to leave little black specs inside the boat. New one will be made of sunbrella by local shop.

My cover is black, the boat sits on a hoist w/o canopy. I don't usually bring a lot of water in the boat, but sometimes the floor in the back gets wet. I let it air dry when possible, if really soaked. Typically, I cover it up and go to work. Having said that the person @ the cover place has told me black is good since it "cooks" out the moisture / water. The boat is definitely hot on the inside if I uncover in the afternoon, but one the flip side, it is usually bone dry inside, unless it gets really wet inside and no sun for a few days...

Not sure if black works for you, but I'm having the same thing done again from past success.

edit - forgot to add I have only had water come "through" the cover one time I think, after a ridiculous rain, and I'm sure water puddled neare the back. Again, this is one time on a 17 year old cover. Also - my boat is black on the sides, so I have waterline extensions added, and a platform extension as well to keep the transom platform out of the sun.

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