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Question Opinions please: Sunbrella or Top Gun for new cover?

A leaking sieve of an original MasterCraft cover led to some issues with my boat over the winter. And now, due to being out of the country for three weeks and some poor planning on my part, I missed out on a covered slip on our lake in Indiana this year. Bummer.

For these reasons, I am investing in a new cover for my 2002 X-30. Per suggestions here, I am looking at We plan on keeping the boat for a good while, so I want to do it right.*

My question is, Sunbrella or Top Gun (with vents)?

Sunbrella: water repellent; highly breathable
Top Gun: highly waterproof; slightly breathable; vents recommended

Price is virtually the same (with vents running $15 extra per pole).

Given my trouble with leakage and the fact I will be without a covered slip this year, I am tempted by "highly waterproof." At the same time, we'll have lots of people/kids in and out of the boat all summer and I want it to be able to air out and dry. Will I get the same drying factor with Top Gun and vents? Will one be lighter and easier to put on and take off for my wife?

Any thoughts on Gore Tenara Seam Threads ... and Waterline vs. Standard fit? Tempted to go with Gore Tenara seam threads for $89 extra and standard fit.*

Thanks for your thoughts!*
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