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Originally Posted by rspiecha View Post
Is the posterior of a 2005 X-10 the same as your boat's posterior??? I really like how yours turned out. Where did you order the parts, directly from Lenco and Mastercraft dealership????


I think the profile of the stern is very close between our years. As for where I got the parts, it was half and half.

I got the following parts from a Lenco distributor, Master Repair. They are literally 2 blocks from the Lenco factory in Florida.

> Control Box
> Trim Tab Blade
> Actuator
> Control Box wiring harness
> 20' Extension wiring harness
> Upper actuator bracket
> Switch, Rocker

From my MasterCraft dealer, I got these parts:

> Guage
> Guage wiring harness
> Lower actuator bracket
2002, X30, L-18, Red Metal Flake (the possessed boat)
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