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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
I have a wild hair today. I will completely dissassemble my whole boat cleaning it so that I could eat out of the bildge. Then reassemble boat. Finally I will OCD over my teak platform so that when I come to csm I can woop everyones butt on how clean my boat is. By the way no shoes, tanning lotion, pets, coolers, food or drink, or any people allowed in the boat. I will bring a pop up portable garage so that it can stay covered 24-7 and no I will not put the boat in the lake. I bought this boat you see to win best in show every year. Please remember when you see my boat "Please Don't Touch" and no kids allowed anywhere near it. It is a fragile piece of Mastercraft art that actually will be pulled inside an 18 wheeler box trailer so it will stay out of the wind. I can't wait for my 2011 best in show award. This will be my 18th straight award in a row. By the way I have sanded and oiled my platform all winter long and have about 5 straight months of molesting my teak platform. Can't wait to see you guys there......


Guess who
Ha, I needed a good laugh this morning.
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