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Agree - Starbrite Kit is the way to go...

Originally Posted by 6ballsisall View Post
Starbrite makes a 3 step kit that works well. Cleaner, brightener and then teak oil. DO NOT try and waterproof the wood with a verethane. Teak oil is what it was made for.
I started to use the starbrite kit to strip the swim platform on my 93S&S but the OE stain was still pretty thick. The only issue there was that it was...well stained dark and not teak which shows every little ding. So it was looking pretty scratched and scared.

I resulted to timestakingly (an hour here and there on and off for a month) sanding the finish off with 120 grit on an 8krpm finishing sander and re-oiled it using the Starbrite oil (step-3).

I did not however take the finish out of every nook and cranny. I was kindof going for a striped tigerwood look. I am happy with the result indeed, though I am sure some with disagree with me, but it is getting positive reviews from the fam.

I got the SB kit from either Skidim or Overtons (get the larger size) for about ~$30-40 if I recall correctly.
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