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I was doing some research for the 2011 new boats and it looks like that the Indmar MCX is now rated at 230 kW which equals 308 hp what gives, they detuned it that much so that the Ilmor will be more appealing at 239 kW=320 hp. Also looking on dealer websites they all still rate the MCX at 350 hp, what gives? who is accurate? also the L96 is rated at 284 kW = 380 hp. Indmar has no hp or kW ratings this is from MC's site. My math might be off but 1kilowatt=1.36horsepower.
Could be that the gas formulation is behind any actual changes in performance. gasoline blended with ethanol stores about 68% of non-reformulated gas and since it's hard to find non-reformulated gas, they may have opted to allow performance to drop rather than cause the price of the boats to rise to the point of being unsellable to most potential buyers.
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