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Originally Posted by cdevro View Post
OK, I do follow the thought on the ice being able to expand and not hurt the speaker. I looked at the speaker before it was shrink wrapped and it was not cracked. Add 20 below temps and a few months, open the boat back up and its cracked. Now the boat had some fiberglass work done at the dealer (where it was stored all winter) which required it to be lifted off the trailer. So could it have the boat been lifted un-evenly and twisted the hull? Im reaching here. I did replace the sub with the stock JL. For my purposes the sound quality is good.
If you have seen the raised top of an ice cube in a tray, it's because of expansion but the tray didn't break, did it? No- it didn't. The open top allowed the ice to expand without causing the sides and bottom to crack and the speaker would have acted as if it was the open top of the ice cube tray. The housing would have had to be completely full of water and tightly capped in order for ice to have caused this. If it had a little water inside, there would be no way for it to damage the housing the way it cracked.

Read the specs- it may have some information about operating temperature range and I doubt it's rated below 0°F. You have a metal speaker frame and a plastic housing- both have very different expansion/contraction characteristics.
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