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Originally Posted by cdevro View Post
This one is a first for me... A frozen speaker housing. (see pic) So spring is getting ready here in MN and with that means opeing the wallet for the boat. I did no plan on replacing the JL subwoofer. Has anybody seen this before? The moisture inside the speaker caused the housing to freeze and crack making it useless. Marine quality speakers should not do this. The real problem is caused from the boat cover leaking water in at the tower which flows down to the speaker area. Im working on a better way to seal off the tower area better. This is the first winter in 3 years the boat has been stored, never again. Pulling the boat back to Parker, AZ after Labor day for the winter.
Regardless of whether the housing is vented or sealed, there's no way moisture cracked that plastic. The only way water would have done that is if the whole thing was completely full and with a speaker cone that could move, it could never cause this. That's from stress, not moisture.
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