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Heater Installation Prostar 190

The hot water feeding the heat exchanger in the fan box comes from the same port that was used for the temp sensor. This is located on top of the engine, next to the distributor cap. I used the brass “T” that was provided in the kit to allow the temp sensor and feed water hose to split out of a single port. I routed the hose alongside the spark plug wires, beside the alternator and behind the exhaust manifold cooling hose. This location has easy access to the bilge area and keeps it protected from the fan belt and moving pulleys on the front of the engine.

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The electrical connections for the heater were not difficult. I was originally going to wire the fan to the auxiliary switch on the fuse panel and only have the fan switch either on high or off. After pulling the fuse panel and seeing the tight work space available and the fearing cracking the acrylic panel by forcing my hand behind it, I changed my mind. I decided to wire the heater per the schematic in the kit and use the three setting switch provided. I wanted to mount the switch near the throttle on the right side of the drivers seat for easy access and operation. Based on my aversion to drilling holes in the boat, I made a bracket for the switch from the PVC fence post and bolted it to an existing hole on the back side of the throttle bracket. I did this after making the sure the wires on the back side of the switch could be easily routed and could in no way interfere with the linkage of the throttle.

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This was not hard and actually a fun way to spend some quality time with the boat and a few beers during the off season. It maybe took me a half a Saturday and a couple of evenings. Time well spent come spring skiing time. I added lots of pictures since those help me the most on the threads I read, hope it is helpful to others thinking of making this addition. I also did a shower install so that thread will be next.

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