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Originally Posted by supturb89 View Post
This is for cleaning a sandblasted trailer prior to priming.
One important thing I left out above is to clean, clean and clean again before painting. Paint can only stick to what is underneath it so you want to get all the dust cleaned out and any contaminants off the surface before you begin painting with the epoxy primer. You will need a good water-based cleaner (soap and water or dish detergent work fine for this project) and you also need a solvent-based wax and grease remover. If you touch bare steel with your hands/fingers, you will leave oils from your skin behind that only wax and grease remover can get out. Water based cleaner gets the other contaminants off that wax and grease remover won't get.

Quote above addressing next step after blasting and before painting from Duanne D's previous post. (Havent got the hang of multiple quotes yet)

As a additional advise, insure that all water/cleaner is removed before priming/painting, there is nothing worse than the primer/paint blowing out some water trapped behind something on your fresh paint

In the past I have used Acetone as a cleaner to remove wax/oil. Would put it on with a damp cloth, and then immediately wipe dry with a clean lint free cloth and continuously rotate wiping surface and rotate out cloth's insuring cloth is clean and free of any accumulated contaminates. After the wipe down, use a tack cloth to pickup up any lint left behind from the cloth or any other particles of dirt.

Good luck and I am sure the results will be looking good.
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