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Originally Posted by jpcarter View Post
Where is the diagnostic port located on an '07 X2 SS with an MCX? I borrowed a Diacom code reader setup & want to scan & diagnose the codes. Just don't want to hunt & seek for 30 minutes trying to find the jack.

The "Check Engine" indicator came on last summer with it's accompanying audio warning on the MCX equipped 2007 X2 SS. Was able to turn off the indicator and alarm by hitting the display selector, but it came on again and again - and only under load.

Oil pressure was normal (40-60) as was the engine temp (~160). No unusual sounds. No power loss. Idle and acceleration all normal.

Tried unplugging the battery overnight. No effect.
Tried cycling the engine from cold to running temps multiple times. No effect.
SOMEBODY help this man! This is my previous boat! JimN, anybody?????????
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