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Originally Posted by jbfootin
I currently use a Trailblazer, but the back seat will be tight with 3 car seats in it. The 3rd row seating would work but is a pain to access in the EXT and not much room behind for "stuff". The full size SUV's are at least 10K more than minivans, to that is why I had to ask. Looks like we need to watch for a good used one.

Thanks for the

How soon till you are in only two car seat and a seatbelt, (how old is your oldest)?? Reason I ask is we thought the same thing but our oldest is out of a car seat. We ended up with the third seat folded in our Explorer and all three kids in the second row most of the time and long trips just blew. So I don’t really see any relief for you in a third row with out going to the larger suv.

We did use our Explorer for a year and a half with the three kids but like I said, trips blew. The last straw was the 04 Explorer we had kept breaking down and we finally bought the bigger SUV..


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