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Originally Posted by jbfootin
Just found out we have #3 on the way, and the wife want a minivan. I don't like them but they do have alot of room on the inside, but not alot of HP under the hood. Does anyone use one for pulling their boat and how does it work?

I guess I would rather have a minivan with a MaserCraft than a Suburban without!
When we had our third we bought a Grand Caravan. It was only a few months before we realized that it didn't have enough room.

Traded it in for a suburban and never looked back.

We're on our 2nd suburban now.

With all of the end of year clearance sales that will be coming up in August, you can probably get a sweet deal. They're not as expensive as you think.

Last August we bought an 04 that actually cost us less than our 99 did because of all the rebates and incentives.

P.S. our 04 Suburban with the hatch has plenty of clearance to open up even with the boat and trailer hooked up.

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