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I just ordered that Plastic Tank & Radiator repair kit hopefully that works, i will try it out when the weather starts to warm up which is hopefully in a couple weeks.
- I did end up scuffing up the tank around the crack and trying Water weld (JB weld) that also did not work IT it held on the tank great and hardend like steel but some how the water cracked right through it with in two fills of that tank.
i dont understand how there could be that much water pressure inside the balast tank.

AS for how the tank cracked. i have no idea, im clueless. there was never water left in the tank. and there is never any weight on the tank. as for warrenty i dont believe i have one i bought the boat used. last year. and the boat is a 2007.
im thinking the tank was origionally deffective though. but i will try the Plastic tank repair kit. i hope it works
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