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Results...... Finished product NOT done the way TMC#1 does his. This is Teak World Enterprises way. Talk to Tommy Nation. He works on teak every day for a living. I trust he knows what he is doing. Put away the 2000 grit,pledge, and the buffer. I use my platform for putting on skis, wakeboards, and to get into my sky ski as well as getting into the boat. I use it and abuse it, I do not put a table cloth and dishes on it with fine china. The instructions above drive me crazy.

I first sanded with the grain with 80 grit. Used a broom and dusted it off. Then mixed the linseed oil and mineral spirits.

This is 80% linseed oil and 20% mineral spirits.

I apply with a brush and let dry for about an hour. Then I wipe it off with a paper towel.

2 weeks later or when its warm enough to stand apply another coat. Wait an hour or so and wipe off again. Your teak will look brand new again and all of the nicks and scratches will be gone.

I promise you will not bust butt on the platform doing it this way. The above instructions or way will leave someone falling down and getting hurt. I am sorry oiled down teak at 2000 grit, wet sanded, pledged and polished will be like roller blading on an ice rink. Its pretty to look at but not practical.

You can get a gallon of the linseed oil and a quart of the mineral spirits for the same price as one quart of teak oil. I have been oiling mine and my buddies for now 3 years and I am still on my first gallon. This has already saved me $200 in teak oil. Total cost for the last 3 years and 2 boats is $35 ish. This is Tommy's way.
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