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Thanks for the replies, and explanation!

Originally Posted by JimN View Post
It's not OBD II, it's OBD I and the '98 used the MEFI 2 controller, possibly CEFI 3.
Still more to learn! OBD I is the type of connector, and I am looking for a 12 pin connector that looks like this, correct?

Any idea where this DLC would be located? Mounted to the engine somewhere, or is it one of the multiple capped, loose, wire harness terminations, like the fuel pump relays?

To connect to the OBD I port, would this work?
for $59 (here)

I did check the model # of my MEFI, which in this case ('98 LT1) turns out to be MEFI-2.

Originally Posted by JimN View Post
I wouldn't recommend changing any of the values in the calibration program, if the software allows it. Changing the tuning can result in catastrophic failure if you try to guess.
I would like to be able to read temps, hours ran, etc., and read any error codes should they reprogramming for me, thank you!
More curious at this point, but I can justify it to myself if I can use it to diagnose a problem if it occurs...

There is also something called an "EFI Diagnostic Adapter" here:
At the bottom of page one, just above the above mentioned CodeMate blinky, is a "#94005 GM-Delphi MEFI 1 - MEFI 4b EFI Diagnostic Adapter" dongle for $39, would this do the same thing as the $59 one above?
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