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Good 24 hrs. in the N.F.L. First; McDaniels is done. LOng over due for fans of the Broncos. He can take his ego elsewhere. 3 and 17 in the last 20 games, we expect and deserve better here in Colorado. Illegal taping may have had more to do with it than his record. I know he supposedly didn't look at the tapes, but he didn't report it to the N.F.L. either. Where did his loyalities lie, with his team, or his buddy from N.E. that did the taping? I was tired of him bringing all the N.E. players and staff in and giving up good draft choices. Enuff allready.
Secondly; N.E. (Not a fan normally) beating the snot out of the Jets. The Jets are over rated and have been really lucky to be 9-2 until last night. Last night showed what will happen to them in the playoffs when the come up against good teams or their amazing streak of just plain luck runs out. No playoffs (Soup) for you!
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