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I had this happen to me last year. I got lucky and found one on ebay and took a chance for $100 - the model numbers were different but it turned out to be the exact same actuator. Look on ebay at linear actuators - there are a bunch out there.

Once I got the new one, we dismantled and lubed up the old one and it now also works fine (so that may work for yours...).

With respect to how you get it open, I removed the battery and got my head and one arm through the hole behind the battery with a rod and wedged the pin out that way (trip to the chiropractor). PITA but got er done.

If it would help, I can try to climb in the boat later and take a pic of the specs on the new one - I think it had a plate on it.

Where are you located in the SE? I also have 00 230v - on Lake Sinclair, GA.

Hope this helps,
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