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KDR, are the pics you're posting from your '99 205V that you have listed in you profile? Do you know if that was the factory setup?

I found this on mymastercraft:

It's described as "LATCH SUNDECK KEEPER PS 205V 99". I emailed them for further clarification on what the part is but it sounds promising.

Aside from reliability and speed removing the actuator would make access to the port side of the engine much easier too. I avoid messing with that side whenever possible because I have to find something to prop the deck up with and remove my actuator to flip down that partition. It will also be better when I get larger ballast bags back there because I won't have to worry about them rubbing on the actuator.

With the exception of the "bling" factor when I take n00bs out on my boat the only other advantage I can think of is that it's easy to open it partially for storage. I'd have to setup a strap to hold it at about 3" open.
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