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Originally Posted by Jeff d View Post
I discovered that style of latch last night. Definitely an easier install than one that protrudes through the vinyl. I was envisioning one of the kids slamming it closed with the strap below the cover though. I'd have to figure out how to sew in a strap over this strap that would prevent that.

What weight gas shocks did you go with? The stock one is a single 20 lb. Definitely not enough but 2 of those might do the job. I don't want to put some that are too strong and make it hard to close.
I bought the boat with the gas shocks already installed and the stickers have faded so bad that I can't tell how strong they are. They do have a 30" extended length.

I have had the boat for about 4 years now and I have never closed the hatch on the pull strap. Not saying it can't happen, but it is not much of a concern for me.

Here are some pics of my setup:


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