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Originally Posted by Jeff d View Post
Well, I've been anticipating this for a while but the actuator that raises the sundeck on my '00 230 VRS is now not functioning.

It trips the breaker at the switch. I checked voltage at the connector and everything is fine. Tried applying battery voltage right to the actuator and it doesn't spin.

I started to disassemble it and there was water in there. This isn't surprising either since the previous owner let rain water accumulate in the hull which was probably over the actuator motor. I've steadily been having to replace all electrical components that were below that water line (Starter, blower, etc.).

I started dissecting it further and the worm drive assembly appears to be fine. I can't get the lower half apart until I get my impact wrench back from a friend and a 1 1/8" deep socket. If the gears look ok then I will probably explore the option of having the motor rebuild at the local starter & alternator shop.

I've also seen other references on here to miscellaneous aftermarket liner actuators so I might look into that.

Lastly I may look at just putting in a couple of latches and a pair of strong gas shocks to assist in lifting it by hand. This seems like the simplest option but would probably involve some bracket fabrication and what not so I'm sure it would end up being somewhat complicated.

Any other ideas?

I'd have the motor rebuilt. Gas shocks could allow the sun deck to be sucked open if you trailer is at high speeds without a cover. If you always use a cover, it's a moot point.
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