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Hi gents,
Thanks for your comment. Bringing a boat back from the US could be an option as well but I need to check on the shipment cost and the import duties here. I have seen on internet some really nice X2 SS for cheaper than this one. The big problem will be the maintenance. The Mastercraft dealer here told me there is no pb to bring spare parts and that there are some good workshop in Doha, but it is also the same guy who told me that this crusader engine is running "very very welll" so I am doubtfull...
Generally speaking, having seen how they do the maintenance of cars here (when it is broken, just take another one) I am not optimistic at all. Imagine also that during summer temperature are higher than 50deg celsius and the water is very very very salty... boats are suffering a lot.
Will continue to work on it, anyway...
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