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Originally Posted by JFresh View Post
I am assuming the switch is working fine since one direction is for forward and the other direction is for rear and the rear works fine. The lights are the factory speaker lights. I will check to see if it is a fuse then I guess check the bulbs. Thanks
I don't have lights or a tower, but I do know electronics. When you start "assuming" things you are wasting your time unless you have a crystal ball. You need to get a volt meter or a 12V test light and start checking, not assuming. Is it a 3 position switch, center OFF and ON on the other two directions? If so, and one direction is working (rear), the switch could have a bad contact in the other direction. Under normal conditions, the center pole will be the hot wire (12V) and the other two poles will be the outputs to the lights. If you get 12V on both poles you can either start tracing from the switch or start at the lights and work your way back. You could be getting 12V to the lights but no ground. With some thing like this, it's usually best to find a friend who knows his way around a volt meter.
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