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I sent a PM to Eric, please see our discussion below. I will be taking his recommendation this offseason:

The new stock prop is the 14.75 X 15.5. This prop will be good on the low end and provide better top end than the 14.25 X 14.


Originally Posted by sand2snow22
I posted this in a thread if you didn't see it:


05 X2 with MCX. We waterski, wakeboard, surf......Stock 13.7 X17 (IIRC) provides good top end, but just a little to be desired out of the hole when weighted down. We also have the wakeboard prop, 14.25 X 14 (IIRC) and my cousins complain that it has TOO much pull out of the hole when water skiing. The boat gets on plane in a heart beat! I give it the ole, give it half throttle, wait a second, then full throttle to stop the complaints. Plus this prop spins more RPM's at waterskiing/higher speeds.

Can you recommend a good in between prop? Decent out of the hole when loaded down wakeboarding, yet spins fewer RPM's and has decent top end speed? Thanks in advance.
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