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When I first purchased my 1994 prostar 190 this summer I attempted fixing mine. I reattached a magnet that was loose without any improvements. I think my problem is that the foam float gets stuck.

I may give mine another try next year after seeing that you were able to successfully fix yours.
The tube in my unit had some old fuel residue built up inside. I cleaned the tube and the circuit board with WD40. You can test the system by connecting to an ohm meter and moving the foam float across the back of the circuit board. The reading should change with the position of the float. If this works, then after you reassemble the unit turn it up and down and the foam float should fall freely. If it is cleaned up inside there should be nothing for it to hang up on in the tube. Also, be sure to file or sand down the front of the float where the magnets are closest to the circuit board. This will keep that surface smooth and will give the best interaction between the magnets and the circuit board.
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