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Originally Posted by witty30 View Post
OK, maybe he didn't say it's cracked. It's definitely leaking fluid (red fluid), and he said it needs to be rebuilt. I thought my model would show up with the post. It's a 1994 ProStar 205 with a Corvette engine. Thanks for your input!
Might be worth a little research before committing to a full on rebuild. You may have a Hurth transmission... I have one of those in my 98 and it too, like other brands is bomb proof! I would have to say the weakest part of these transmissions is the bell housing and the hoses, they should've been able to keep the tranny from separating from the engine don't cha think? LOL

On a more serious note, I think it would be worth your time to find out exactly where the leak is coming from. It may just be a loose hose connection, Leaking oil cooler, or input/output seal. Neither of those items would require a full on rebuild if the trans is working properly. Just fix the leak and return to service.

One other thing... if you do happen to have a Hurth trans they have a plate on the bottom of the trans that holds the filter screen in place at the bottom of the reservoir. I found out mine was leaking (after everything was back in the boat of course!). That small rectangular plate is secured with four bolts and is only sealed with RTV. Very, very difficult to re-seal with the trans installed in the boat. Not impossible, but probably would have been easier to remove the trans to re-seal it.
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