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The easiest and most efficient way i have found to winterize my x-star is:

1. Jack the front end of the boat up to empty as much water out of the tanks as possible.
2. Empty the water
3. Grab a funnel and short piece of hose (2-3)' and 3 gallons of rv antifreeze.
4. Pour 1 gallon into each ballast tank through the overflow port on the side of the boat.

If you don't know where the overflow ports are, here is an easy find:
Blow air into each of the holes. If hard, empty port for ballast. If air goes in and then
comes back out, overflow port (this is the one you want). If air goes in and nothing
seems to happen, bilge.

5. cycle each pump (one at a time) on empty until you get a solid antifreeze color (typically
pink for rv antifreeze).

This will take care of your tanks and pumps.
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