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Early X2s came with graphics that say X Series which I was told were later in the product run changed to X2. I believe my boat had a November or December production date. My 03 X2 had the same graphics. If this one is like the one I had it's an early 03.

If you're interested in it check the prop to see if it's one of the few that came with right rotation prop. Mine had the right rotation prop and handled poorly (leaned heavily over to the right) until I changed it over to left rotation. It also steered real heavy which I resolved by swapping out the rudder to the newer style rudder. This model year also experienced problems with grounding at the dash which could result in noise in the gauge circuit and cause the gauges to quit reading intermittently as well as effect the PP.

Looks like a real clean boat. I sold mine 2 years ago for $27K with 190 hours on it however mine didn't have a ballast system which this one does. Mine did have a depth sounder, the full factory stereo with an amp, sub woofer and factory tower speakers. It also came with a single axle trailer which was plenty for this boat. I was the third owner of the boat and suspect the handling issues as well as the other issues I picked off played a part into why it changed hands so quickly.

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