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Short oil filter and hose ?!?

First time winterizing a 1998 Maristar 200 VRS. I've read many of the threads, but I have a few questions:

1. The filters listed in the specs (for a 1999 MS, couldn't find a manual for '98) are PF25 and PZ3. I can't find them. Was sold the replacement filter PF454. The filter I took out (NAPA Gold 1069) is at least an inch longer. Does that matter? Can I use the PF454, or do I need to by the longer NAPA filter?

2. My oil drain hose is not long enough to reach either drain plug. I can't imaging MC installed a hose that doesn't reach. Has anyone bought a longer hose that reaches all the way?

3. In the bilge are 2 black "sensors" or something just sitting on the bottom. What are these?
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