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Originally Posted by CO2006X-30 View Post
Plus the boat shop in southern colorado quoted me over 500 to winterize! It's not a mastercraft dealer, I assume that has something to do with it. My email is [email protected] if thats easier to communicate.
If it had been a Mastercraft dealer, then it would have been $750.

If you only have 3 pumps, then you have reversible pumps, and I think all boats in 2006 with ballast are run like my X45.

Sounds like you have found the valve where you can hook a hose straight to it and it will suck antifreeze into each tank that way. Study the hoses and you will find that there is a central manifold with 1 large intake, and 5 smaller hoses going off it. 2 of them are discharge hoses and have check valves on them so that air is not sucked into the system. Your hose hookup is on one of those. Just hook the hose up there and suck up the antifreeze like rgardr recommended.

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