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Exclamation Winterizing 06 X-30 Ballast Tanks

Can anyone help me with winterizing my ballast tanks on a 06 x-30? From what I gather, I do not have have two way pumps. What I do know, is that water is sucked up from the bottom hull and ejected through the upper rear ports. I've read stories about creating a fake a lake, with plunger and tubing, which I am sure I can rig. I have also heard about hooking a hose to the t valve that is located just off the unit that connects all three of my ballast pumps. The t valve does not make since, it is connected to the outbound ballast line. Should I just wigger rig a plunge, tubing and fill a bucket with rv antifreeze? Any help would be appreciated. This is my first boat and im interested in learning as much as possible. Plus the boat shop in southern colorado quoted me over 500 to winterize! It's not a mastercraft dealer, I assume that has something to do with it. My email is [email protected] if thats easier to communicate.
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