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Originally Posted by BrockHubbard View Post
Help! I can't get the water temp gauge to work on my '97 PS 205 with LT-1. After reading many of the threads on this forum, I've tried to troubleshoot step by step.

Checked dash gauge. Replaced sending unit on engine block with original part from Indmar. Confirmed wiring between the two is sound.

All the pieces seem to be working individually, but when I'm on the water, the gauge won't budge from 120. I "know" the engine is getting hotter than that...

Any ideas?
What temperature IS your engine running if you "know" it's not 120? First off, use a infra-red thermometer and check the engine temperature right on the sensor. You could have a bad thermostat that is causing the engine to run at 120 degrees and your guage is reading correctly. I wouldn't waste my time trouble shooting a gauge problem until you know what your actual engine temperature is. My 95 uses a 140 degree thermostat and my gauge never got above 120 this weekend because the lake water was 60 degrees. If you find out that your gauge is reading incorrectly, you can look at this link. Scroll down the page.
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