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Headunit problems

Hey Everyone…
I’m having problems with my XMD3 that’s absolutely baffling me.

First, I have a 2005 X2 with about 850 hours. Installed 2 wetsound 60’s on the tower along with a kicker 450M amp to go with the stock system this spring and we’ve been rocking all summer with no problems. I have an aux input (just using a 3.5mm to RCA Y cable) for the ipod we use to queue the tunes up. A couple Friday’s ago we were riding and somehow I knocked the safety lanyard off the mounting and killed the boat mid-holeshot. After determining it was the lanyard and not the fuel pump (thought I burned the fuel pump up and didn’t check the lanyard… idiot. MattsCraft remembers this well) I plugged it back in and we were on our way. Everything was fine except the tunes wouldn’t play through the headunit. Amps were both on, boat was running 14 volts and headunit was on too (turned to AUX, volume up on ipod and headunit). Couldn’t figure it out, so I plugged the Y cable from the ipod directly into the amps. WHOA tunes came back on. Validated both the amps and speakers were fine by this method… but nothing through the RCA pre-outs from the headunit. Plugged the amps back into the preouts from the headunit and tried turning it to the radio, FM, AM, CD all dead… nothing.

So I think I’ve determined:
Not a volt problem
Not an Amp problem
Not an ipod problem
Not a speaker problem
HAS to be a headunit problem… right?

Does anyone have any settings I can change before I go ahead and throw parts at the problem by just buying a new headunit? The pre-outs are supposed to be at 2 volts… right?
It’s not a HUGE deal and can probably wait till spring as we only have a couple weeks left in the season but it’s really bugging me…
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