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Originally Posted by Luv2Ski View Post
Nothing wrong with that; however, if you ever thought about trying to do a rebuild, this is the trans to do it on. They don't get any easier. It takes longer to clean it than it does to put it back together.
In auto tech school the whole transmission thing killed me, but I finally learned it. The borg warner is easier than you think. Its the easiest transmission that I have ever worked on. I think it is harder pulling the transmisson out and hucking it around than it is to rebuild it. Save some money and buy a shop manual for it.

A little hint: you dont have to pull the transmission off where the bell housing meets block. Just pull the mounts off of the hull side, not side bolts on the tranny, and do not adjust the mounts at all. Then remove the 6 or 8 bolts that are where the transmission hooks up to the bell housing. Not where the bell housing hooks up to the block. This will save you hours.

By the way the power slot weighs about 175ish pounds. I picked mine up by my self.

You do need to put a stack of 2x4 under the oil pan so the engine will not fall back. A come along and the roof of my storage unit worked great.

For what it is worth, I would rater spend a weekend rebuilding a borg warner than a holly carb. Now I cant stand a carb work and they are too sensitive. A carb is something that I will just buy another one and go down the road.
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