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Where are you getting clean, well equiped 2001-2002 X-Stars for 15-17k at? I will even go 2000 yr models. If you see that you better snatch it up. No matter how you dice it unless the boat is trashed minimal 20k all day long.

I am not talking about just pulling add after add. I have been involved in the market for a long time. The "clean/well kept" statement varies by every owner. For example that Knoxville CL the base engine I am sure(3k adjustment right off the bat) and take a look under the dash. Something is very wrong with the driver's kickplate. There is just something not right about that boat. Also do we know if that Knox boat has seen brackish water? Who knows where the owner originally bought it from. Just going by price after price isn't a good way to judge a boat. That add also has next to zero description. There is usually a reason the boat is priced so low in my experience.

I do agree that 2000 is high. Howerver prices are not set in stone
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