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1990 ProStar 190 Pops out of gear

I'm new here as I have just purchased a 1990 Pro Star 190. The boat runs great with one exception; when I do aggressive hole shots, like for pulling up a slalom skier, the trans will pop out of gear for a split second and then pop back in again. I have made some adjustments to the linkage which have made a difference, but if I swing the linkage too far, then the engine revs too high before going into reverse.

The fluid levels are fine and the fluid looks good, I do check after running. The boat has the 1.52:1 trans if that makes any difference.

I am redoing the whole interior of the boat now and I am not opposed to yanking the trans and doing a rebuild over the winter, but I'd hate to do that if not necessary.

Any ideas?
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