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I would be weary of the vinyl for sure. That is the first stage of the issues. Obviously the boat was taken care of though as it made it 9 years before it started to deteriorate. Most didn't make it 4-5. Those tears are simply due to wear not neglect Again though that is the start and I can guarantee the rest of the seats are not to far behind. Check the piping in the rear seat bases for sure........ they will show the most wear.

Hours wise it is on the high end being a midwest boat. As stated I use my boat more than the average person putting on 100-150. 50-75 is the norm usually in the midwest from my experiences.

The cruise control the boat has is the bottom of the line from Perfect Pass and leaves much to be desired compared to a Wakeboad Pro version so I would not include that as an option. The boat has the base engine. It is not under powered for that boat, but it will hurt the resale for sure. Options wise it's definitely on the minimal side.

With all this said it's a "dealer asking price" IMO you should be able to do much better than that on price with the options and condition. As to the condition......... again it shows from the pics it was well maintained. The guys over at Action are straight, up front guys and boats I have seen maintained by them/for sale by them are usually in great shape. If you call them they will give you the low down for sure on every detail. I know of at least 6 different boats purchased from them by people I know and all have been spot on with what they explained.

If you ask me there is no way to compare an X10 price to that of the X-Star/205V/X1. The 10 can't even compete with the wake and core performance of the 205V. Also any core boarder will want a 205V hull over the X10 hull making the 205V hull much more appealing. It's a classic wake/wakeboat package that people are always looking for. The X10 offers one thing that beats out a 205V when it comes to boarding..............that is room.

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