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As ar as the hours go. That is right on target with the boats year so to speak. If it is a boat from where it is warm all year I would say they are low. If it is a boat from cold weather I say may be a bit high depending.

I am in Chicago I avg 100-125hrs on my boat a summer. I would say I put more hours than the avg person does. These engines can go 2000 hours easy with the right maintenance. That is the key though. If the boat is well taken care of the hours are fine. My 2000 has close to 900.

As to the price...........Prices these days are all over the map due to people fire sale'n their toys. There are some super deals out there. Out west that boat fetches 20-22k on avg. here in Midwest where quality used wakeboats are at a premium and not as easily found you could fetch 25k for an optioned out, clean 2001. From your post it sounds like the interior may need some work so that may give you an idea of the care of the owner. However if it is the original vinyl MC had huge issues with vinyl quality back then so it may not be due to neglect rather due more to use. Ball park without knowing all the options or detailed description of condition..................priced at 25k in midwest is spot on, as you are not going to be paying 25k for it.

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