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The first thing I would check is the MB Quarts, if the speakers are blown or on their way out, it will cause the amp to run hot or to blow fuses. Disconnect your speakers and take them out of the cans. Get out your multimeter or ohm meter and check the ohm load (resistance) across the speaker terminals. If the speaker is a 4 ohm then you should have around 3.5 - 4 ohms of resistance. If it is much greater, then the speaker is likely blown. If it is within specs then it could be your amp. Reconnect your speakers. You will want to check the ohm load at the amp also, this will tell you if you have a short in your wiring and exactly what each speaker is pulling while connected and operating. If you are out of spec at the amp and your speakers are good then you may have a short in the wiring to the tower, check and recheck this! If your wiring is good then its the amp. If you want some serious volume while you are surfing/boarding then upgrade the MB Quarts to a HLCD speaker like the wetsounds pro 60s or 80s or the krypt audios also samson makes an awesome speaker too. If you are only going to replace the amp remember to match the amps rms to the Quarts rms. The rms of the amp can be greater just be sure to turn the gain down so you dont blow the quarts across the lake! I had a pair of quarts and they sounded ok, but for serious volume and sound quality I would recommend a better speaker like wet sounds 650 series or if you are on a budget get yourself a few pairs of polk db651s, they are relatively cheap and sound great.
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