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Red face Advice Needed

Im a complete newbie... I have a 2000 XStar with 540 hours.. Bought it two years ago in Minneapolis with only 310 when I bought it. About 6 months after I bought it, found out the motor had taken on water a couple of times. Had a tough time finding out why, well.. shortly after, came to my friends slip to find my (new to me) boat going down again. I sure found out how water was getting in after that!! A measly ballast fill valve had gone bad and was continuously leaking into the ski locker, bilge float was stuck and the rubber plug which stops water from entering the bilge area was conveniently missing. I probably don't have to say anymore...

I took it to Bricks Boatworks in Shakopee MN (those guys are great btw), they drained water from the block, removed plugs, changed oil, replaced the starter and alternator. About $1,300 and 6 months later, the sickening feeling in my stomach quickly faded away. The guys at Bricks were not able to find out why the valve was leaking so they install a "on/off" switch in one of the ballast fill lines. So anytime I wanted to fill the ballast, I had to remove a seat turn the switch to on, fill and then turn it off. When its time to dump, switch goes on, dump.. and off. Its a pain the rear. Does anyone know how I would find out where the leak is coming from?

Wish the guy that sold the boat to me would have mentioned this to me. Would have saved me a lot of time and money. But, I guess that was heck of a learning experience.

Since, i now have a temporary fix for my ballast issue, I have been slowly cleaning up the boat and am now interested in installing LED's (as courtesy lights) and underwater lights. I am pretty sure I have read almost every thread on this topic. I will post pics as I progress. Any ideas or tips/hints are greatly appreciated.

Tower speakers and lights-

I have the "knight rider" Boss 3 light tower bar and 2 MB Quart Tower speaks running off of a clarion amp (might be the stock amp) but not sure.. They sound decent while just hanging out but I seriously have a hard time hearing them when I am surfing. That is just not acceptable in my book. When the music is loud enough for me to hear it while surfing, the darn amp fuse blows. The stock Clarion CD player was swapped out for a Sony CDX-M30, and I am constantly asking someone to turn the radio up or down while driving. I just ordered a compatible wired remote but am afraid the sony will not fit where the existing clarion wired remote is installed. Again, any suggestions are seriously appreciated.

I know.. I know.. PICS are needed. They are coming soon.
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