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On a related note...

Hit a sand bar a few weeks back while surfing. Fortunately no prop damage. But, definitely steers differently.

The rudder alignment with the naked eye is normal, and at speed there is no discernible pull to the right or left on the helm. But, take off without holding the rudder and it will, as dringler described, turn aggressively to the left mostly, occasionally to the right. Or even at speed, if slightly turning and you let go of the rudder, it will slow start to turn one way then aggressively turn harder to that direction. It never did this before.

All the linkage is tight. There is slight play in the rudder when you move it back and forth (lateral motion, not turning it) from under the boat, perhaps a 1/4 inch at the rudder tip. I am suspicious that the rudder is simply freer to turn now so it is easier to spin when underway unless you are dead on straight or of course holding onto the helm.

I see no way or tightening the rudder post? In other words, is there a way to increase the friction of the rudder shaft as it goes through the hull? No water is leaking around it.
2008 X star, 2005 X2
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