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Continued from the last post....

Dear Dave,

Further food for thought.....I removed the riser this evening to check for blockage. Nothing there other than clear space for water to run. So why in the dickens (remember the Bob and Tom audio skit - Dickens Cider? ) is the riser getting hot. Everything checks out from the raw water intake all the way through the block, back out the thermostat housing and into the risers. No problems so I am cleaning of the two mating surfaces to reinstall a new gasket for reassembly.... Hmmmmm what is going on? I poke and prod as I often do and felt of the exhaust hose coming off the riser. I felt a soft spot but moved on... Came back to the hose... Hmmmmm.... Removed the hose (since I had the riser off anyway, made it very easy).... There is was... an internally collapsed hose that was blocking the free flow of water out the exhaust. What appears to be going on is that water is exiting into the inner part of the hose (where the wall has collapsed) and is backing up, back into the riser (with a minimal flow going out the exhaust from a small opening where once was a large opening) with nothing but heated water coming back into the riser and being reheated by the exhaust in the manifold. The flow is restricted and is not getting the flow of cool raw water through the riser, as it should. I haven't tested it yet (got late tonight) but I am betting a dollar to a donut that is the issue. I had a spare exhaust hose so I'll reassemble tomorrow evening and move on.

That said, I chewed up an impeller last summer and heated it up pretty good before I realized the reactor was water-starved. I cleaned the pathway for the impeller pieces and found several but felt confident that I had that entire mess out, and as recent, confirmed the such. My point is that the heat from last year's core semi-meltdown did the hose in at that time and was only made worse by continued use of the collapsed hose (without realizing it then). Was late in the fall (then) so I put it away for a winter fix. Been wrestling with it since then and just today, I am satisfied that I have resolved the issue. I'll know in a day or so when I get it back together and lake test it.
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