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Originally Posted by ahhudgins View Post
I checked the manifolds on my 95 this summer because a poster had a similar question as yours. Using an infrared thermometer, the temperature varied at different points all over the manifolds and risers. My engine used the 143 degree thermostat (which I have since changed to the 160) and I got readings from 115 to 160 depending on exactly where I put the thermometer. Placing my hand on top of each riser, I can feel a little difference in the temperature. The only way to be 100% sure that you don’t have a blockage is to remove the riser and check. I’m not a big fan of the compressed air method. If there was a piece of old impeller in the manifold water jacket, blowing air into may have only moved it around.
Thanks for the great reply. If I place my hand on the riser, I can feel the difference as well. I said they blew out the hoses, but that was my language; I don't think they used an air compressor--or hope not based on your comments! As the Wawasee Boat Co. mechanic went in three times to make sure there were no obstructions, I feel reasonably comfortable they've cleaned everything out. Your experience with varying tempuratures up to 160 gives me better confidence that I am OK and that this is not completely uncommon. They thought the temperature issue might be a problem because their experience with CorrectCraft is that the temparatures are more uniform. across the manifolds. Thanks for the help.
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