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x30 exhuast manifold temp variences

Just bought a 2002 x-30 this spring and loving it! We’ve done a lot of work on the boat but here is one problem we haven't cracked....we blew out an impeller at Lake Wawasee a few weeks ago while on vacation. The folks at the marina -- whom I like and trust -- replaced the impeller and did the standard blowing out of hoses and whatnot. However, the temperature in my port manifold was still high – 160 degrees vs. 100 degrees on the starboard manifold. They went back in and rechecked twice more for obstructions but found none. We went round and round on what the cause could be, with lots of varying opinions from various dealers. Ultimately, they called Indmar and tech support told them this variance in manifold temperatures was OK. So, we chose to leave it alone. The boat seems to be running fine. But I’m still left wondering if it is OK or if I could be doing harm? I’ve searched the discussion board but haven’t found this exact topic covered. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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