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Originally Posted by jconover View Post
I read about 3 dozen threads on exhaust noise, including posts from at least two other owners of PS190's with 454's in them. Like others, the engine noise i.....
I know there is only so much you can do to quiet down a noisy 454. Anyone here had any great success stories? Can you recommend a muffler that will fit in this boat and quiet it down significantly?

Thanks in advance - i don't want to throw money at this problem if it isn't going to have a significant impact, but I am willing to tackle this if it yields a good reduction in noise.
You probably, do have a brokens baffles. A coffee can size piston, pushes a bunch of air.
Conventional baffles probably to small. Has anyone, tried using a x-pipe cross over?

With exhaust flowing thru, two pipes per pulse, exhaust flappers should not open as big. Thus, reducing sound. I doubt, it would reduce sound, by half, but should be interesting project.

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