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Another Exhaust / Noise Thread

I read about 3 dozen threads on exhaust noise, including posts from at least two other owners of PS190's with 454's in them. Like others, the engine noise in the drivers seat is quite tolerable... and of course sounds really cool. But if you are behind the boat, or especially in the rear seat, it's pretty darned loud. now, I take a whole cadre of 5-8 year olds on skiing/tubing runs quite regularly, and while I love the rumble, several of them are in tears over the noisy boat. This won't cut it. Also, I worry about exposing their young developing ears to high dB noise levels.

My boat has the stock mufflers in it -- beige-ish yellow tubes with what appears to be a fiberglass coating. When the engine is running, I can hear a distinct rattling noise (sounds like someone throwing a pair of dice in a ceramic bowl) from time to time. I'm guessing that might be a baffle or two come lose in the muffler, but i'm not really sure.

I know there is only so much you can do to quiet down a noisy 454. Anyone here had any great success stories? Can you recommend a muffler that will fit in this boat and quiet it down significantly?

Thanks in advance - i don't want to throw money at this problem if it isn't going to have a significant impact, but I am willing to tackle this if it yields a good reduction in noise.
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