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Perfectpass Resets when I crank ignition

Recently added a PerfectPass Stargazer to my boat (mechanical model with servo). PPSG turns on when i flip the key to on -- dash module beeps and initializes, servo initializes, system ready to go.

Turn the key to the crank position, and there is a voltage drop across the whole system. PPSG dash module reboots (beep) and the whole thing re-initializes. This is highly inconvenient, as it is generally necessary for me to give the boat a bit of gas right after turning the key. When the dash module resets, it re-initializes the servo motor. Moving the throttle during the initialization really dorks things up.

Any PP owners out there had challenges like this? Any suggestions?

My boat is wired factory, as follows:
Negative ground from battery to front of block near alternator (cleaned this up)
Positive from battery to starter motor on 00 marine cable (new)
Positive from starter motor to terminal strip on 10 gauge marine wire.
Positive (charge) from alternator to terminal strip on 10 gauge wire.
Dash power from terminal strip to dash via factory harness (two feeds)

PP is wired in to dash wiring. Positive comes off of keyswitch "on" terminal.
Negative is tied in to dash wiring via T-Tap.

I am considering running a clean ground from the battery directly to the PPSG and/or to the whole dash. Any other suggestions on how to clean up this annoying problem.

Side note: The battery is brand new 1000CCA, tests good at the battery shop under load.
Side note 2: The radio suffers a similar reboot. It is wired basically the same way, but on the accessory pole of the keyswitch.
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