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A question for the S&S gurus

This is my first post after lurking for quite a while but not being a M/C owner yet has made me refrain from chiming in before now. I've had a 1981 S&S kind of fall into my lap (sorta) and it's missing a windshield and has a cracked exhaust manifold. I know in the I/O world a cracked manifold is a sure sign of freeze damage and is usually not all that's wrong. Just curious if it's the same for these inboards. I know this isn't the place for the question but I hope you'll indulge me. It's also missing the windshield. The lower frame is there but no glass, and no upper frame. How difficult are these to find (if at all) and what could I expect to pay? It has all new stringers and floors, upholstery, and carpet. And I can get it in a trade for an old car I listed on craigslist. I've always loved these old boats and have looked for more than a few years to find one I can afford. Just trying to get some answers before diving in head first.

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