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Originally Posted by Kevin&Annie View Post
Great job! Did you have to wet sand the gel coat or just buff the hell out of it?
I had to sand a lot where the original graphics and pin stripe were. The gelcoat under those sections was raised and took a lot of 600 grit sanding to remove. I also had to sand the transom a bunch. It had white speckles almost embedded into the gelcoat and no amount of buffing seamed to touch them. I ended up getting some 600 grit paper for my electric random orbital and went to town until the speckles were gone. Everything I sanded, I followed up with 800 grit, occasionally 1,000 but that felt like that was not worth the time relative to the buffer (not knocking others, I know the sanding is a very popular and I am sure very effective method).

Mostly I buffed, starting with Meguiars No. 49 Oxidation Remover which I found worked really well. It cuts hard at first but breaks down so well that the shine really comes back. I followed that with their No. 45 Polish and finally a coat of No. 56 Pure Wax over most of the boat, but switched to turtle wax ice around the graphics so as to avoid the white powder edges. The Ice product is easy to work with and appears to protect well, I will probably just use it in general as it is very easy to apply.
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