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Ballast Pumps Making No Noise and Not Working

My ballast punps were all working when the KGB ballast started working sporadically. It quit working at all, but the port and STBD ballast still worked fine. A few hours later they all quit responding. The lights on the switches come on. The impellers look fine and I can turn them easily. When the KGB ballast was giving me trouble I used to be able to reset the fuse on the back port side fuse box, but it isn't even popped out anymore. None of those fuses are popped out, yet it is like the pumps aren't getting power. Is it possible all three pumps have gone out at the same time? Is there one problem that could cause all the pumps to quit?

I am seriously frustated as this boat only has 100 hours and I am already having problems with the trailer and boat. Any help is appreciated.
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